Congratulations!  You are now the proud owner of some very humble yet magnificent worms (red wriggler to be specific).  Your worms will silently turn kitchen scraps, leaves and paper into organic, nutrient rich fertilizer.  They are the easiest, most hard working pets you will ever have.  Here is some information on how to care for these wonderful creatures.

Where to place the bin:

  • Somewhere convenient
  • Where temperature is between 10-25 Celsius
  • Shady.  Direct sunlight will overheat the worms.
  • Examples: Basement, Kitchen, Patio in the shade (summer), Garage (summer)

Care Instructions:

  • Use this chart to know what is good for worms and what is not. 
Good Foods

Sometimes Foods

Bad Foods

Fruit and Vegetable Scraps, Cereal,  Egg Shells, Cantaloupe,

Bread, Tea, Citrus, Coffee Grinds, Rice, Pasta

Meat, Bones, Dairy, Oily Foods, Large Pits or Stones, Garlic

  • Store your worm food in the freezer in order to prevent fruit flies in your bin
            *be sure to defrost it before feeding it to the worms*

  • Push the bedding aside with your hand or dull trowel to make a pocket for the food, put it in (1/3 cup a day on average), and then cover it with bedding.
·         Add 1” or 2” of fresh bedding whenever you feed them. This will help absorb moisture, allow worms to bury in, and will keep away flies. 

  • Bedding includes: Torn up newspaper (1” strips), Shredded office paper, leaves from the bottom of a leaf pile, small wood chips.  Keep it light and fluffy.
  • Avoid overfeeding.  Pick a new spot to deposit the food each time, if there is no more room for new food, wait a couple of days. 
  • Keep your bin from getting too wet by adding dry bedding, or draining it.
  • Keep your bin from drying out (bedding will be crunchy and castings will be crumbly).  Use a spray bottle to wet it down.
  • Vermicompost should smell earthy not sour
  • For more info go to
  • Now…Do Not Disturb.  Worms like to do their business without being bugged ;)
  • If this does not work for you and feel free to dispose of your compost bin in the garden.