Monthly Archives: November 2013

Christmas Preparations

There is a hotly debated topic that appears this time every year. I’m not talking about the husband/wife debate about the “attractiveness” of the “Movember”  ‘stache. How soon do you start preparing for Christmas? I’m usually pretty strict about December 1st being the earliest for decorating around the house, but I’m already starting to get antsy.

Our staff Christmas party is this Saturday (we do it early so that we can be ready to help you get in the spirit!).  In preparation for that, I’ve brought my front door planters in to the greenhouse, ready to be decked out in their winter finery.  I’m hoping that this will help me wait the next 2 weeks before my self-imposed decorating restriction will be lifted J

If you’re looking to begin your decorating outside, but need inspiration, you should definitely come to our friends and family night next Thursday.  Our greens are ready, workshop schedule is posted, and Christmas trees will be hanging.  We have all the accessories you’ll need to create your own wreath/swag/planter.  Or,  if you’re like me, and need to see a finished product, we have tons premade!


For the Birds

One evening this fall we stopped by a friend’s backyard for a quick visit.  As we sat on the deck, we were amazed by the number and variety of birds that stopped by their feeder. They were not particularly avid birders, but just enjoyed seeing the birds come by to eat. I have often thought that it would be nice to have a bird-feeder in the yard, but never ever got around to putting one up.  However, this experience has inspired me! Now that all the planters and hanging baskets are put away, I have an open hook just waiting for some kind of feeder!

If you’re a bird-feeder, or would like to be, come check out our selection of birdseed, bird feeders, and bird houses! If you know one, maybe now is the time to start your Christmas shopping!