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Growing Places and Growing Spaces

As you wander and shop through the greenhouses in any season, you’ll have noticed doors that lead to mysterious areas labelled “staff only”.  Behind these doors is where we hide all of our storage and growing greenhouses.  We have 8 freestanding greenhouses, in which we grow bedding plants, as well as fall mums and poinesttias. There is also a large greenhouse range adjacent to the pottery section of growing space. This area is where much of the early spring action takes place; seeding and transplanting, and growing.  My favourite of the back greenhouses though has been “4 to the North” which sits right outside the back entrance.  On the North side of the entrance, to be specific!  It is typically used to store large orders of plants for landscapers, and commercial customers.  I’ve liked it, because the plants are grouped together as large plantings; a variety of plants together looking more like a garden than a field.

This week, I said goodbye to “4-to-the-North” as well as the growing range.  We’re working on a pretty major renovation back there, tearing the whole structure down, and building a new one.  This new area will be almost as big as the retail area, and best of all, newly designed for better growing conditions, and maneuverability.  As growers, we are very picky when it comes to the quality of the plants that you take home to your gardens.  With an improved growing space, the young plants will thrive with improved environmental controls (humidity, temperature, airflow, light dispersion).  They will grow strong and healthy, less susceptible to diseases and fungus.  Better walkways and aisles will mean more space for us to move around, to bring plants out for you to enjoy!



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Nursery Expansion

If you’ve been by Lacoste lately, you’ll have noticed that one side of the lot looks very empty, and one side looks quite full!  We’ve emptied out the nursery area of all the trees and shrubs and moved them over, in front of Perennial World, in order to begin an exciting nursery expansion!

The expansion will connect the greenhouse (indoor) area to the (outdoor) nursery.  This makes it even easier to shop for all your garden plants, and co-ordinate your perennial, annual, tree and shrub purchases.  We’re adding on 3000 square feet of space, and paving the whole area, which will make it much more spacious, pleasant, and less “puddle-y” to browse around! Additionally, the “shrub shack” will be much larger, and house all the fertilizers, stakes, and everything trees need, as well as some extra registers and associates to answer all your questions!

Stay tuned here and on Facebook to watch as the progress unfolds!

Welcome to Lacoste Garden Centre

April in Winnipeg is the time when we finally emerge from our winter hibernation and get ready to embrace another summer season. Even though we had a shorter winter than normal, we’re so in-tune with a regimen that we focus our outdoor beautification projects commencing this month, regardless of the conditions.

And just as you spent time in the winter planning your outdoor strategy for April 2012, so too did we create a new layout – on the web.

Today, we’re proud to launch our freshly designed website. This new look not only gives us a new appearance, but provides you, our valued customer, with the best information possible in an easy-to-navigate format.

In our new format, we have kept your favourite sections – such as Gardening Tips – while adding new features like our Inspiration Gallery and enhancing other areas like Coming Events.

As always, we’re interested in your feedback. We want to provide the best service for you, so be sure to contact us with any comments and suggestions you have to make your online experience with Lacoste even better.

Be sure to subscribe to our blog as we’ll be sharing more information – including tips and analysis – in this section of our website.

Thank you for visiting Lacoste Garden Centre’s website. We look forward to seeing you in our store soon!