A few weeks I  posted  on our Instagram a photo of a few of our houseplants. This post was prompted by the fact that these particular houseplants had just found their way home to that spot. 

We have a fantastic south-facing large window in our family room, that was home to a very tall, White Bird of Paradise and a side table with a suffering potted fern and an overgrown Antherium. The side table was a temporary solution, that needed to be changed before I spilled my evening tea again

After a trip to IKEA, an afternoon with my very favourite Allen Key, and an actual table for my teacup I was set.  Set with another problem.  The fern and Antherium were not going to fill my new shelves, and if I didn’t move some plants up there quickly, my plant shelf was about to become yet another Lego display shelf.

Luckily for me, we had just received a shipment of tropical plants to the greenhouse, and I had already been choosing a few!  Unluckily for me, mine are not the only  opinions in this house.  So we’ve collaborated, and made some compromises, and have a shelf full of  the “Best Houseplants Ever”. 

5 large houseplants
4 small houseplants
4 fun houseplants





My new shelf doesn’t house all of these plants, just most of them!! The rest live elsewhere around the house.  Each of these lists are unique to the person who listed them. 

The first set is heavily concentrated with plants chosen for their function. Sanseveria, and Areca Palm are fantastic plants to clean the air. Janet Craig Dracaena, ZZ and Sanseviera are all perfect for shady spots in the house. White Bird of Paradise, and Janet Craig are  both tall, very structured plants that behave well and provide height. 

The second set (mine) is much more concentrated on plants chosen for the feelings and memories associated with them.  I finally have a bright window where we can grow fun plants like Arabica Coffee and String of Pearls with success,  and I’m loving it! The Spider Plant is  fantastic, because I get to hang it in a macramé planter, which looks perfectly bohemian and vintage.  The Danish Ivy is my definitive “generic” plant-y plant.

The kids set is filled with fun things.  Trailing Sedum came from a  birthday party, and they call it the “exploding plant” because it Just.Keeps.Growing.  African Violets are soft, and  have flowers! The Rabbits paw fern would actually make my list too, it is a delicate fern, with soft fuzzy roots that hang outside the pot, and look just like bunny fur! The Lime tree is about to start growing actual limes,  which will be the first time I’ve successfully grown food inside!

These lists are quite subjective; over the next posts, we’ll have more lists tailored to specific needs/wants. But, these plants are OUR “Best Plants Ever” because they fit the available light we have in our home, and require the most basic amount of care that we are willing to  provide, and make us happy!

Which, when it comes down to it, is what you want from anything you bring into your life.