For some members of our family decorating the Christmas tree opens up a whole argument dialogue about personal style.  Some prefer a mish-mash of decorations old and new, home-made and store bought, lights multi-coloured and blinking.  Others prefer a much more designer looking tree with matched ornaments, lights, ribbons, and wrapping paper. I would never ever dare to tell anyone which is the correct way to decorate a tree.  In my mind, both decorating strategies have their merits, I love looking at all the old memorable ornaments on my parents tree from before I was born, but also love the coordinated look of a themed tree.

Decorating a tree, whether themed or not can be an overwhelming process, that often takes 2 or 3 times as long as I plan for.  To make it a little easier, one of our suppliers of Christmas décor has provided this guide on how to decorate the perfect Christmas tree

xmas tree