Building Your Own Miniature Garden

Miniature gardens have become a huge trend that create whimsical fun for everyone. Let your imagination soar when creating a mini garden for yourself, friends, or family. They are a great project to do with your kids. No two mini gardens are alike.
Here we provide you with a step-by-step guide to getting started on your own miniature garden.


mini step 1Choose a container: Choose a container based on what size you want your garden. If you want just a small one saucers work great. Be creative on what you can find to plant in! Just make sure that there is adequate drainage so it doesn’t get too wet. If there aren’t existing holes you can drill your own in the bottom or if it’s deep enough you can add a couple inches of rock at the bottom.


mini step 2Add the soil: Add the soil to your container as a medium for your plants to grow in and a base for your hardscape to sit on. We recommend using a potting soil or peat moss for this.



mini step 3Plants: Choose the type of plants you want and plant them randomly or with a certain set-up in mind. Groundcovers: baby tears, Irish/Scotch moss, thyme. Small/Medium height plants: succulents, cacti, small flowering plants. Large “trees”: miniature evergreens, small potted tropicals.



mini step 4Hardscape: Place your rocks, mulch, and whatever else you may be using to create paths, streams, ponds, etc.



mini step 5Place your accessories: Whether they’re houses, characters, tools, bridges, or anything else, place as you wish!




-Choose a theme. Some ideas include: woodland, beach, old country, barn, fairies, nature, etc. Pick your accessories based on your theme.
-Draw out a map of your garden before you make it. This helps give you a visual of where plants and hardscape materials should go. Tweak it as you go through the steps if you need to.
- Use blue rocks/crystals for water. Create a running stream or pond using blue rocks just as you would make a pathway using regular rocks or mulch.
- Use large, flat rocks as a platform or patio for characters or accessories like tables and benches to sit on.
-Make a cobblestone or tiled patio: There are kits available to make patios with stones or tiles you can cement together.

                 Desert                     |                  Fairies                   |               Christmas 

mini desertmini fairesmini christmas 2

Incorporate Nature:

Take a walk through your backyard and find things that you can add to your miniature garden or to make it out of entirely. Use bark from trees to create bridges or houses, paint rocks and cover with moss to make hidden fairy houses, or use willow twigs and thread to make furniture or ladders. Hollow out an old stump or log to build it inside of. Let your imagination run wild and draw inspiration from nature!