Trees & Shrubs

Finding the Right Tree for You

There is no better way of determining the right tree for you than by talking to an expert who is knowledgeable in the characteristics and habits of trees and shrubs. However, you can ask yourself a few questions to come up with a basic idea of what you want and need:

How much space do I have?
Keep in mind when selecting your tree that what it looks like above, it will be roughly a third of in size below. So if you only have a small planting space in the ground but a lot of room above,  choose a tree based on the size to which the roots will develop. If the roots are unhealthy or crowded below it will show through to the top.

Do I want a tree to provide shade or something that is simply there to look nice?
Trees and shrubs can be planted for a purpose to provide shade, to be strictly ornamental, to attract wildlife, or for other reasons. Ornamental trees and shrubs are a great choice when adding a feature to your yard or when you want to add a bit of height and flow to a flower garden. There are a lot of options like Rosybloom (ornamental crabapple), tree lilacs, and ornamental cherry trees- to name a few.

How much shade do I want my tree to provide?
Trees are a great way to add shade to your yard while keeping it aesthetically pleasing. The area of your yard in which you plant the tree will greatly impact how much shade it provides (placed on the south side it will provide shade from the hot sun of the south).
50-70' height = Lots of shade
30-50' height = less shade
15-30' height = dappled shade and sun