School Tours at Lacoste Garden Center

At Lacoste we offer learning experiences that allow children to understand plants and the people who care for them in a fun and interactive way.  There are a variety of tours to choose from depending on the desired focus and age level.  Every tour consists of an educational walk through, planting or craft activity and snack.   Cost is $5/ student and must be booked one week in advance (subject to availability).  Adequate adult supervision is required. 


Daycare, Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1

Plants Tour:

This tour introduces students to a wide variety of plants, their needs, how to care for them and how seasonal changes affect them.

Tree Tour:

Students learn the importance of trees in our world and how they change with the seasons through exploring our outdoor nursery. 


Grade 2, 3, 4

Plants as Living Things Tour:

This tour will explore the greenhouse in search of the knowledge gnomes tactfully hidden in order to highlight different characteristics of plant growth from seed to maturity.  A “behind the scenes” tour will include a discussion on growing mediums, and care requirements, including a bringing attention to jobs surrounding this process.  A greenhouse tour will compare and contrast various plants and examine their life cycles, plant structure, and function as living things.

Plants in Nature Tour:

In this tour of the greenhouse, the knowledge gnomes will highlight ways plants thrive using various adaptations to their environment and in response to threatening animals.  Interdependence with humans and animals, and the requirement for conservation and respect will also be discussed as perennials and vegetables are featured.  The tour will conclude with a visit to the seedling house where optimal growth environment and jobs are made clear.


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