fall leavesFall Lawn Care

Fall lawn care is important because you are getting your lawn ready for bed. Caring for it in the fall creates a stronger lawn, less chance for problems over the winter, and in the end a better and healthier start on the next year.




•Pulling weeds out by the roots for a chemical-free weeding method.
•Using a selective herbicide to tackle the broadleaf weeds.

Raking: When you are raking leaves from your yard in the fall why not dethatch at the same time? This saves you having to do all of it in the spring.

Watering: You should still make sure your lawn is getting enough water in the fall. Just like any other plant that you are trying to overwinter, it should be watered deeply and thoroughly.

Feeding: This is the time to fertilize! Use a fertilizer that has a lower middle number (lower percentage of phosphorous).

Overseeding: Fall is also the best time to overseed your lawn! Steps for overseeding are:

1. Mow your grass if it is long. Make sure to use a bag to collect the clippings.
2.Rake away any clippings that may have been left behind.
3. Add a top dressing of soil and/or compost.
4.Use half the amount of seed recommended for seeding a lawn. Spread the seed by hand or by using a broadcast spreader.
5. Lightly rake it in to ensure contact with the soil.
6. Lightly water.