Christmas Trees

Tips for Selecting your Perfect Christmas Tree

Every year you look for that perfect live Christmas tree. Just the right amount of fragrance, perfect for your decorations, and how long you need it to stay fresh for. This guide will help with your decision by giving you all the factors to consider and providing a checklist of what you want in your perfect tree.

How long do fresh cut trees last?
This will depend on the type of tree you get. Generally they will last 3-4 weeks. Fraser firs have the best longevity, lasting anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

The best way to keep your tree fresh is to give it a new cut before putting it up. Trees are cut when dormant, which means that water is stored. After it is cut, a callous forms to help keep this water in, but it also prevents water from being taken up. Cutting the end off removes the callous, which then allows the tree to take water up and keep it fresh for longer. Use a stand that has a resevoir to keep the tree in water. Check the water levels frequently as a tree can use 1-2L of water daily.

Keeping the mess contained

Tree bags help contain the mess of bringing your tree in and out of the house. This large bag rolls down around the base of your tree and is easily hidden by anything that is put under the tree. At the end of the season when it is time to take the tree out, simply roll the bag back up around the tree and haul out. If you are recycling the tree, take the plastic off before recycling. 

Scotch Pine
-Long needles, prickly feeling
-Strong branches, great for heavy decorations
-Curvy trunk so strong support is needed
-Short-lived fragrance

White Pine
-Long needles, soft 
-Branches not as strong as Scotch Pine, better for lighter decorations
-Needles hold well 

Grand Fir
-Longest needles of firs
-Holds needles well
-Fragrance has an almost citrus smell

Noble Fir
-Full branches
-Natural look requires less shearing: Creates more of a "wildly perfect" look
-Fragrance will hold for a short time
-Nice straight stem

Balsam Fir
-Thick branching
-1 of the 2 most popluar Christmas tree varieties
-Good needle retention
-Holds fragrance for longest

Fraser Fir
-2-tone colour; Green on top of needle, silver on bottom
-Thick branching allows for heavier decorations
-Good fragrance retention
-Holds needles for longest