Deer and Rabbits

Deer, rabbits, and other pesky critters can be really problematic in a garden at any time. Generally speaking, deer and rabbits have their favorite "meals" that are probably from your garden. You can get away from their munching by avoiding planting those specific plants. They will often taste most things but may not continue to eat them. However, in a year where food is scarce they will eat just about anything. Using products such as Skoot or Plantskydd helps deter them from eating your plants.

By rule-of-thumb, they tend to avoid fragrant plants, plants with any type of leaf texture or hairy/prickly stems, and toxic plants.

The following is a list of plants they generally avoid:


Doggone Coleus, Marigolds, Cleome, Lantana


Yarrow, Monkshood, Hyssop, Bugleweed, Columbine, Silver Mound, Astilbe, False Indigo, Bergenia, Bugloss, Bugbane, Tickseed, Bleeding Heart, Foxglove, Barrenwort, Joe-Pye Weed, Spurge, Ferns, Blanket Flower, Iris, Lamium, Lavender, Grasses, Beebalm, Catmint, Peony, Poppy, Russian Sage, Solomon's Seal, Primrose, Salvia, Lamb's Ear, Thyme, Veronica, Adam's Needle

Trees and Shrubs

There aren't any specific trees or shrubs that tend to be more resistant than others. Your best option for protecting your trees and shrubs is to use products like Skoot and Plantskydd.