Designing with Live Greenery

With our cold winters most people just put their flower pots away for the season but why not use them all year? Make beautiful and festive arrangements using live boughs of pine, cedar, fir, and more! Decorate them festive twigs, ornaments, berries, bows, or anything you can think of.

How do they stay fresh and for how long?

     Live greenery arrangements are best kept outside- swags or wreaths hung on an outside door or pots on your front step. Giving them a thorough soaking with water will ensure they freeze and do not lose the moisture that keeps them green. As long as the temperature outside is freezing they will stay green!
     If you decide to make a centrepiece or any other arrangements to stay inside, make sure to keep it in water (just as you would with fresh cut flowers), or make sure to give it some water or a good misting every couple of days.

Tips: -Spray arrangement with an anti-transpirant such as Wilt-Pruf. It will form a coating to prevent moisture loss.
            -If you're making something for indoors for Christmas or a holiday gathering make it closer to the date of. The later you make it the fresher it will be.


Sign up for one of our classes to have our designers show you how to make your own greenery step-by-step! Click here to view our class schedule. **Greenery classes only run from mid-November until December 22** 

View the following quick video on how to create your pots start to finish: Container How-To Video

Step-by-step guide

• Choose your container- choose any size, shape, colour or material you fancy!

• Fill your container with either peat moss or floral foam. Both work great because they hold your arrangement upright as well as hold moisture.

• Add height. Start in the middle with your height- if you want height that is. Materials such as dogwood, willow, birch logs, or huck create great height and texture. Make sure to cut your branches to be proportionate to the size of your pot. If you choose not to add height to your arrangement, omit this step.

• Starting now from the outside edges, stick in your greenery, working your way towards the middle. Use multiple types of greenery (cedar, fir, and pine), or just one. Trim braches to the size you like and just stick into the peat or foam. If omitting the last step, continue doing this until the whole pot is filled.

• Add your decorations- whatever you like! Get creative and add old favourites or just start new! Add fancy twigs to the middle for a bit of glitz through the height. Bows and balls for a more traditional look, or pinecones and berries for a natural look- the options are endless!

Feeling like you need some inspiration? Come down and see us! Browse the gift shop for inspiration or talk to one of our designers for advice, we are always more than happy to help.