Popular Herbs & Their Uses

herbsHave you ever tried cooking with herbs? They are a great addition to any dish and can be prepared in so many ways! They can be bought at almost any grocery store or can be grown in your own yard or house with very little effort!

Try these herbs in your next herb garden or with your next dinner:

Basil: One of the most popular and versatile herbs. This herb is easy to grow, it just needs full sunlight and moderate watering. Pinch off the flowers to help it keep its strong taste. Basil is great on just about anything you can think of, as well as for making pesto or other sauces.

Rosemary: Great to use in any form, rosemary has a wonderfully strong flavour and can create an aesthetic appeal. Use sprigs (stems and leaves) in place of skewers for kabobs or in place of toothpicks for appetizers. Use full or coarsely chopped leaves in marinades for chicken, beef, or fish. Grill or bake meat with full sprigs on top. Finely chop leaves and add to butter or other sauces to makes delicious tasting sauces or dressings. Because rosemary is so full of flavour it is great fresh or dried.

Parsley: The light, fresh taste of parsley pairs great with soups, sauces, and vegetables. Because it has such light flavour it makes the perfect garnish without changing the flavour of your dish.

Thyme: Bean, egg, and vegtable dishes are the best to combine with thyme. Thyme also pairs well with other herbs. Because the leaves are small to start, it often doesn't require any chopping.

Oregano: A great addition to pasta sauce or pizza sauce. Also great in salad dressings for a greek flavour.

Sage: This herb is a good remedy for digestion problems. This makes it a great seasoning for fatty meats such as pork, sausage, goose, and lamb. Or make a tea out of it to help with digestion. The leaves of sage are also beautiful to look at, so try it in a planter for added appeal.

Mint: One of the most popular for just about any use. Great in salads, refreshing in drinks cold or hot, and makes great sauces (such as mint sauce for pork or lamb). Different types of mint add different flavours to whatever you're making, while still adding that refreshing zest. Some popular types of mint include: peppermint, spearmint, ginger mint, chocolate mint, mojito mint, and apple mint.

Lavender: A little of this herb goes a long way because of its strong taste and smell. It can be used to replace rosemary in any dish. Not only does it add unique flavour but its quite beautiful too. Lavender is nice as fresh cut flowers, dried flowers, a garnish to finish off the perfect dish, and also used in aromatherapy.

Chives: A very versatile herb that can also be used in many dishes. Use as a garnish, add to any recipe, cook on top of meat or vegetables to add flavour, or chop finely and add to any spreads.