Slug Control

slugSlugs are one of those pests that almost every gardener will tell you is a nuisance. They can turn the nicest, lush plants sparse and full of holes. They prefer dark and moist areas of the garden, and mostly come out at night. During the day they are usually found keeping cool under the soil. There are numerous control methods and any quick search online will give you many ideas. Here are some of the best we have found to work:

Cleaning: Because they prefer dark and moist areas they will find debris and/or soil to hide under. Regularly cleaning up any dead plant material will help keep them away from those areas. Also, lightly hoeing or raking the soil around your plants will disturb them and make them easier to find.

Destroying Trails: Slugs leave a trail of slime behind them when they move and other slugs tend to follow those trails. If you see that slimy line, stir it up or wash it away so others don't follow it to your plants.

Birds: Birds love slugs just like they love worms! Set bird houses in your garden to attract birds to keep those slugs away.

Traps: Beer traps have been said to work at baiting and drowing slugs. To make one, find a container that is at least a few inches deep and has steep to perfectly straight sides. Fill the container 3/4 full with beer. Dig a hole in the garden near where slugs are a problem and place the container in the hole. Only a slight lip should be left over the soil surface so they slugs can easily crawl in. Put this trap out at night when they are most active. In the morning you should have slugs trapped in the bottom of the container. The next night, replace beer and continue this until they are all gone.

Coffee: Save coffee grounds and tea bags when you are done with them. Break them up and spread around the base of your plants to deter slugs from them,

Eggshells: Just like with coffee grounds, save eggshells. Crush them up into small pieces and spread around your plants. Slugs don't like crawling over rough and sharp material, so they will avoid crawling over eggshells.

Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous earth is a natural product made from finely crushed fossilized shells. Because it is sharp on the bodies of slugs, it deters them from that area. Place around your flower bed to stop them from coming into it, and around your plants to stop them from getting to them.