Planting With Myke

What is Myke?
Myke is short for Mycorrhizae. It is a naturally occurring fungus that is beneficial to your plants. It forms a symbiotic relationship with the plants roots. This allows for incresed nutrient uptake for essential nutrients such as phosphorous, copper, and zinc. This in turn stimulates root development and enhances plant growth.

How do I use Myke?
After digging a hole for your plant, place a measured amount of Myke at the bottom of the hole. This measured amount is specific to the pot size and can be determined by following the directons on the container. Place your plant in the hole and fill around it and cover with soil. Be careful if fertilizing in the next couple of weeks. Do not use a fertilizer high in phosphorous. This can result in too much phosphorous uptake.

Hardy Tree and Shrub Warranty Program
Purchasing Myke with hardy trees and shrubs (those rated for zone 3) gives you a 5 year warranty on the plants! Check out in-store for more details.