AstilbeBridalVeil1The beauty and value of perennials is their repeat performance - they come back year after year. Gardeners of all levels are drawn to perennials because they are the building blocks of home gardens. Transform your yard into country chic or low maintenance modern with our wide selection.

With new stock arriving weekly there's always lots to choose from! A vast assortment of Manitoba-hardy perennials to suit every garden, new or old, sun or shade. If you don't see the perennial(s) you are looking for, ask one of our perennial experts and we can look into ordering it for you! 


Perennial of the Year 2016- Anemone 'Honorine Jobert': Small and compact mounding foliage, with long-blooming white flowers on upright stems reaching about 3'.

Hosta of the Year 2016- 'Curly Fries': The narrow and wavy leaves of this miniture hosta add a different texture to your shade garden. Maximum 10" tall by 16" wide.

Perennial of the Year 2015- Geranium 'Biokovo': low-growing cranesbill geranium with beautiful pink and white flowers.

Hosta of the Year 2015- 'Victory': This 4-foot-wide and  2.5-foot-tall hosta has large green leaves with yellow margins that turn paler yellow with maturity.

Perennial of the Year 2014- Panicum 'Northwind': clumping and straight-formed with olive-green leaves, this grass puts on a nice show. It stands about 4' high and has beautiful wispy seedheads.

Hosta of the Year 2014- 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd': this medium-sized hosta has uniquely cup-shaped blue-green leaves. It grows about 1.5-2' tall and about 4' wide.

2014's Most Popular/Honourable Mention:

-Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster': beautifully straight, tall grass that's a hit year after year. Great winter attraction with wheat coloured seedheads.

-Veronica 'Royal Candles': compact and dwarf, it makes a great border plant that blooms blue all season long.

-Itoh Peonies: perhaps the greatest creation in the peony family! Great varieties of colours, huge single, double, and semi-double blooms, and spectacular strong stems.

-Echinacea Sombrero 'Salsa Red' and 'Hot Coral': the vibrant colours of the Sombrero series of Echinacea is absolutely outstanding. The red is deep as doesn't fade, and Hot Coral is a beautiful pink that fades into coral/orange.

-Phlox 'Pixie Miracle Grace': gorgeous blue variety of phlox that has lighter blue-white centres. Great fragrance!

-Asclepias incarnata (milkweed): always a springtime hit because they attract monarch butterflies. Get them early though because they sell out fast!