Whether you are designing a new landscape or filling in spaces, our nursery department has a wide range of trees and shrubs to choose from. Ornamental or fruit bearing, evergreen or deciduous, tall or short- we will find one that's right for you. Trees and shrubs are a great addition to any landscape or garden. They can add height and texture, as well as offer year-round interest. They provide privacy and shade without compromising the beauty of your space. Come see our knowledgeable staff to get started on finding the right trees or shrubs for you!

The following lists are made up of the most popular varieties and therefore generally always kept in stock or on order. To check current availability, please email contact@lacostegardencentre.com or call 204- 256-2377

Fruit Trees

There are many prairie-hardy fruit trees to choose from. Cherries, plums, pears, apricots, and apples. Often a beautiful show of flowers in the spring with fruit to follow. Popular fruit trees include:

Norland apple Westcot apricot

Goodland apple Romance Series cherries

September Ruby apple Ure Pear

Honeycrisp apple Pembina plum

Check with our experts to find the right fruit tree or shrub for your space, care instructions, and how to get the best yield!


Evergreens are a great addition to landscapes for many reasons; they not only add interest year-round, but also privacy. They add different shapes and textures and some are great for filling in large open spaces. Some common options include:

Spruce: small, large, top graft

Pine: mounding, upright, top graft

Juniper: spreading, upright, top graft

Cedar: globe, pyramidal

Ornamental Shrubs

Spring Interest: Lilacs, Double Flowering Plum, Mockorange, Russian Almond, Forsythia

Summer Interest: Hydrangea, Potentilla, Spirea, Roses, Barberry, Ivory Halo Dogwood

Fall Interest: Dogwood varieties, Viburnum, Cotoneaster, Sumac, Burning Bush