Tropicals and Houseplants


palm planterWhat better a way to brighten up a dull room or spot on the patio than by adding a lush palm to an empty corner, a blooming Hibiscus add some colour, or a beautiful Gardenia near your sitting area to enjoy its fragrance. The popularity of houseplants and tropicals is growing quickly and so is our selection! We get our houseplants and tropicals a few times a year to make sure we always have a good selection in stock.

Tropicals make great additions to our patios, front entrances, and anywhere else because they have a unique look in our area and are full of colour. They can be kept year-round by bringing them indoors for the winter so you can continue to enjoy their beauty.


•  Patio Tropicals

Incorporating tropicals into your patio planters and beds adds instant appeal with size and colour. Use bigger tropicals as your thriller or smaller ones as your filler in any container. Try them throughout your flower beds to add height or to add a unique punch of colour and texture. Plants such as palms, snake plants, or any type of standard provide great height. Plants like crotons, hibiscus, bromeliads, and more provide great colour.

For tips on how to bring your tropicals indoors for the winter click here.

•  Citrus/Figs

Grow your own citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes) and figs in your yard! These tropicals are great on sunny patios or yards, and fun for the whole family to observe as they grow and harvest when they're ripe.

•  Indoor Plants

Another great way to skip the cut flowers! On any occasion houseplants, either individually or in an arrangement with others, are great as a substitute for cut flowers- they last much longer yet still provide the colour and sometimes even the fragrance. We keep a section of our greenhouse warm in the winter so we can keep plants year-round. Any time of the year that we are open (March- December) come by and see if we have what you need.

•  Air-Purifying Plants

 In the last few years people have become more aware of the air they are breathing and want to find natural, affordable ways to create a healthy environment to live in. Plants are natural oxygenators and air-purifiers, and are afforadable too! Some species are better than others, and here they are:

-Peace lily                              -Areca palm 
-Anthurium                          -Philodendron
-Dieffenbachia                     -Zamioculcas (ZZ)
-Ferns                                    -Spider plant
-Orchids                                -Snake plant

"Hard-as-Nails" Houseplants

Do you find yourself constantly on-the-go and don't have much time to remember to water? Or maybe your living space just isn't suited to growing plants. These plants make our list as the toughest houseplants:

Low water needs- let the plants dry between waterings, maybe only water once a week:
• Ponytail palm            • Pothos
• Sago palm                   • Zamioculcas
• Cacti                             • Aloe Vera
• Anthurium                   • Snake plant

Low-medium light needs- place in a room with an east-facing window or one with no windows at all: 
• Ferns                          • Wandering Jew
•  Pothos                       • Peace lily (less sun= less blooms)
• Ficus                           • Chinese Evergreen


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