seedlingsStarting your Seeds Indoors

Spring means time to start planning your garden and looking forward to fresh home-grown vegetables and herbs. Starting seeds indoors is a great way to get a head start on growing your own.

Steps for indoor seed starting:

-Choose containers with holes in the bottom for adequate drainage. They should be small enough for seedlings to survive in (seeding trays or peat pots are perfect). Any used containers should be sterilised with a bleach-water solution of 1:10 (bleach:water).

-The soil you choose should be sterile so as to reduce disease problems. Vermiculite or peat-based will work. The growing medium should be moistened before seeding. Water from the top or by dunking the bottom of tray in water until absorbed.

-Planting: sow 1-3 seeds per pot. Place seed(s) on soil or lightly press down to required depth- The back of seed packages should give you required sowing depth as well as days until germination and how long to sow before last frost. Cover with clear plastic for those that need light to germinate, black plastic or damp newspaper for those that do not need light. If multiple plants grow in each pot pinch off the weakest of the group. Once seeds have germinated, remove cover to allow light in. Not removing cover will result in stretching of seedlings. Keep in a warm area (on top of a fridge provides great bottom heat) and keep soil moist but not waterlogged.

-Plant outside when it is warm enough to do so (a lot of people use May long weekend as their first planting date but we recommend waiting until the beginning of June).